- Capacité jusqu'à 5 litres
- Pressions jusqu'à 10 000 psi (68,9 MPa)
- Contrôle de feedback: Contrôleurs PID-Fuzzy Logic
- Diverses options de collecte d'extraits
- Modules d'addition de co-solvants en option Préchauffeur de fluide
- Facile à mettre à niveau le système pour les nouvelles applications
- Fonctionnement sans entretien

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Standard Configuration
Maximum Operating Pressure:10,000 psi. (68.9 MPa).
Pressure Display:LED ±1 psi (6.9 kPa).
Temperature Range:Ambient to 200˚C.
Temperature Precision:±0.5˚C.
Temperature Displays:LEDs display internal and external vessel temperatures; restrictor and preheater temperatures.
Flow Rates:Up to 250 grams/min. (330 ml/min.)liquid CO2 under standard operating conditions.
Restrictor Valve:User selectable, variable temperature control to 250˚C, resistant to blockage.
Extraction Vessel Size:Up to 5 liter (bench scale). Vessels are user interchangeable.
Collection Vessel:Externally mounted. Many options are available.
Heating Power:All extraction vessels are heated with band heaters (4000 watts max.
Over-Pressure Safeguards:Rupture disc assemblyand PID safety interlock.
Instrument Control:All temperature zones (vessel, restrictor, and preheater), pressures, and pressure ramps are controlled by PID-Fuzzy Logic Controllers.
Configuration Options
Interchangeable Sample Vessels:100, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 5000 ml (with 5 micron frits).Windows available.
Co-solvent Addition Module:Manual doping or direct, in-line metered addition.
Preheater:Improves temperature consistency of the fluid in large vessels by heating the fluid before it reaches the main pressure vessel. Recommended for all extraction systems.
Remote Control Software:Controls the SFT250 from a PC and performs data logging.
System Requirements
Power Requirements (U.S.):220 VAC., single phase,20 amps. (International power available).
Gas Supply:Liquid CO2 cylinder with dip tube.
House Air:Dry air, regulated to 110 psi. (760 kPa).


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