The new PT-TD300 tapped density testing instrument is now available for ordering. PT-TD300 is used to test the tapped (or “tamped”) density and apparent density of powders, granules, pigments and similar products in compliance with the current USP <616> methods 1 and methods 2 as well as with EP <2.9.34>, DIN EN ISO 787-11 and ASTM B527. PT-TD300 replaces the former model PT-TD200.

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The bulk density of powders is usually reported both as „freely settled“ and „tapped“. The tapped density refers to the bulk density of the powder after a specified compaction process, usually involving tapping motion of the product cylinder.

The instrument can be used to derive additional physical product characteristics such as flowability and compressibility. Together these behavioral characteristics are used to maintain and improve product quality during development as well as securing product consistency in quality assurance and in-process control. The standard test cylinder volume is 250ml. Sets to test smaller volumes of 100, 50, 25 and 10ml are available as well.


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